Our Tanning Procedure

Custom spray tan for men and women
We use a custom secret color blend to match your skin type. For most competitors, 1-3 coats are all you need. This color develops overnight into the DARKEST, bronze color. Dry's fast not sticky or muddy nor do you turn green. Just follow the skin prep instructions. We suggest to get sprayed the night before and touch up the day of, if needed.
Procedure #1
A tanning solution will be chosen for your skin type. Your skin will be analyzed and a barrier cream will be applied to your fingers, toes, elbows and knees, if necessary. You will stand in a tanning tent and sprayed with our state-of-the art equipment.

Procedure #2
See results immediately
After the spray is complete you will air dry for approximately 10 minutes. You will stand in front of a fan,letting the cool air dry your skin. A light powder may be applied with a fluffy brush to eliminate any feeling of stickyness.

Useful Information
Dieting changes your PH Balance.
  • Physique and Bodybuilder competitors spray tan 1-2 times night before event. Wait 2-3 hours between sprays
  • Bodybuilders spray again day of event
  • Rest Up
  • Do nothing strenuous
  • Using soap can cause skin to turn green
  • Have 'Green Away' on hand